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About my kick from clan...
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Mon Apr 02 2018, 04:07PM
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I got kicked from the clan, the reason was:

"Im sure you ve noticed that there have been some issues that we tried to talk to you about but your reaction was not what we had hoped for
so we had a discussion and decided it would be best if we terminated your trial period"

I asked what does that mean and I got answer, that I don't speak on Discord. Honestly that is a joke, because I am on Discord every time when I am playing, few times I was muted, but I explained why I cant speak right now. I speak most of times game related stuff.

I attend most of the trainings, I speak to people there. Almost everyday I turn on my computer to seed the servers, even when I got home after night shift.

I helped players when then needed to help with something.

I donated money to the server maintenance.

I am really angry, because of how this was gave out to me, just one message on Discord like "by the way fuck you and your help to the clan, youre out".

One time i accidentally burped in the microphone and team killed AFK Eve on Skirmish with 5 players. On Skirmish where AFK players block the game after other players cant spawn after the limit, and players need to wait for enemy to run in spawn area and kill this afk. Eve wrote me exaggerated messages, like I was some kind of child. I apologized, but was it really necessary to berate me for this?

I don't think that "you dont speak on Discord" excuse to kick me is the real reason, you can tell me the real reason. Suddenly people act like I was teamkilling on purpose or breaking the server rules.

Just next time tell your recruit this, before he sends you money. It is rude. Also I dont know who decided to kick me.

I really had fun with -some- of you guys, who didn't take everything in a computer game so seriously.

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Mon Apr 02 2018, 04:55PM

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Making this public post kind of proofs the concerns our recruitment officers had. Your donation will be refunded asap. Good to know that it was a kind of a deal for you and the clan didn't deserve a donation just for providing the game servers where you could enjoy yourself for 100s of hours. Closing it as we generally don't need this kind of drama here.
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