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why the heck
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Mon Mar 05 2018, 05:08PM
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ok so i want to make one thing clear. Some of you guys are very nice people and i like to play with you, i dont say those who i dont like could not be nice people but what i have seen they are pretty silly. So what is it what iam talking about? i have been playing on your rs2 severs alot lately and i have noticed some very stupid stuff 1. when players on your sever choose a map and it loads to the map, but then one of the admins thinks: nah i dont want to play this map althought 70% of the players want to play this map, but i DONT want to play this map so iam going to change the map to a map that I want to play. This is disgusting and very narcissistic. You gave the players of your server to choose a map, but apparently not becouse their votes dosnt matter becouse the admin is just going to change the map any way.

2. resisting a admin and getting banned :/. so i was playing casually and the commander was an 40-1 member i noticed that he was not that good at the game, and we just lost the second last cap zone in the map but we had ALOT of tickets, the commander told us to retreat to last capzone and i thought that is very stupid why would we retreat if we have alot of tickets, but only one capzone left and he had just used his arty, we need to hold them here and have ground to retreat to if we need to and if we would retreat directly to last cap zone we have no where to retreat after that, and RS2 has the system where you dont die if you are already from start in red zone so we could easily hold them for little longer here. And i told this to commander what happend, i got muted and banned me.....thx if you listened and please not delete this directly and atleast try doing somthing ok thx thats all for me for now
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[40-1] Ragnarök
Mon Mar 05 2018, 05:32PM
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Hello and welcome to the forums,
I'm sorry to hear that's under bad circumstances. Can you tell on which server and the time when it happened? Is mymen also your ingame-name?

[ Edited Mon Mar 05 2018, 05:33PM ]
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[40-1]Amstel's krieg
Mon Mar 05 2018, 06:55PM
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Sad to hear this we wil look into this matter. On which server did this happend and is mymen your ingame name too

[ Edited Mon Mar 05 2018, 06:55PM ]
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[40-1] Ragnarök
Tue Mar 06 2018, 09:25PM
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We had a conversation about your complaint and we reached out to the admins and clan members who have been online at the time.

Concerning the ban:
You got sessionbanned for repeatedly talking finnish with another guy in the team-voicechat after getting warned multiple times and since you kept talking finnish you've got muted.
After you got muted you wrote in chat "unmute fucking admins" which is disrespectful.
A sessionban means you only got "banned" for the current map, you would have been able to join after the map changes. Down below you'll see the log-file we got on our admintool:
04.03.2018 19:09
[40-1] Zirix muted *NCS*-=Pekka_puska=-.
04.03.2018 19:09
we al got muted wtf
04.03.2018 19:09
we did all get muted???
04.03.2018 19:10
un mute fucking admins
04.03.2018 19:11
[40-1] Zirix banned *NCS*-=Pekka_puska=- for the session.
04.03.2018 19:11
*NCS*-=Pekka_puska=- left the server.

Concerning the map changes:
We checked the log-files and could not find any admin-forced map changes during the timeframe you've mentioned.
There are only 2 situations where admins are allowed to change map:
1.: During the morning when the server is empty/nearly empty, admin might change the map to a more popular one or in case of our custom map server, to a vanilla one so the server fills up quicker.
2.: During training. I happens that we have a clanmatch in the near future and then we might overwrite the players choice so we can train for the match on the right map. But even here we dont change it mid-game, we wait till the map is over.
In both cases the admin(s) will announce the upcoming mapchange over a global message, so every player gets informed.

For the future: Please read our rules, which are displayed every time after you joined the server. One of these rules are "Use English language in VoIP", another one is "Respect fellow gamers and do not argue on the server".


[ Edited Tue Mar 06 2018, 09:32PM ]
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