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Thanks for the warm welcome
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Tue Feb 27 2018, 09:46AM
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Joined: Tue Feb 27 2018, 09:30AM
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the only server I have in my favourites is your Veteran server. I was on yesterday and got chatting to Zirix who invited me to your Discord room for a hand with the Commander slot which I have not played yet. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the welcome and the help from all the other members who chipped in while I was online.
Generally my gaming is on the serious side. Since 2002 I have been a member of the Zeus Community and winner of the Operation Flashpoint European Combat League with our squad, beating the Dragon Knights in the final, we where also testers for the WGL Mod back in the day
These days I am Captain of B Company 229th AHB flying choppers in DCS world a hardcore flight sim and as such my time is limited.
This commitment is the only reason I am not at liberty to join in as much training as your rules may require and I will wait till I hear from Eve listing the new members obligations.
I will though continue to join your servers and pop into your discord channel

Kind regards to all in the 40-1 family

Simon Cib McCabe
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[T40-1] CookieMax
Tue Feb 27 2018, 09:52AM
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Joined: Wed Feb 14 2018, 09:43PM
Posts: 13

Welcome Cib!
Enjoy your stay here
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[40-1]Amstel's krieg
Tue Feb 27 2018, 11:26AM
Registered Member #3007
Joined: Fri Jun 30 2017, 12:08PM
Posts: 318

Welcome to the Forum
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[40-1] SturmTurm
Tue Feb 27 2018, 12:01PM
Registered Member #1990
Joined: Tue Sep 16 2014, 11:01AM
Location: Viborg, Denmark
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Hey Cib - thx for the kind words. We really appreciate feedback like that as the clan´s main goal is to create a gamer friendly environment on our servers.
Regards from Sturmie
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[40-1] REDD Clan Captain
Tue Feb 27 2018, 12:52PM
Registered Member #911
Joined: Tue Jan 24 2012, 02:39PM
Posts: 1424

Hi and welcome.
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Tue Feb 27 2018, 01:49PM
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Joined: Thu Oct 29 2015, 08:31PM
Location: Kingdom of Heaven
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Simon says Welcome to the forums!

Enjoy your stay mate and see you on the battlefield!
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[40-1] Handsome Jack
Tue Feb 27 2018, 04:44PM
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Joined: Mon Jun 26 2017, 06:05AM
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Hello and welcome to the Forums ;)
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[40-1] Zirix
Tue Feb 27 2018, 04:50PM
Registered Member #3016
Joined: Fri Jul 07 2017, 04:18PM
Location: Spijkcity
Posts: 254

was nice talkin too you cib happy to get ppl like you in the server and discord was a nice experience and hopefully talk too you soon

greetings zirix
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[40-1] Ragnarök
Tue Feb 27 2018, 05:03PM
Registered Member #3167
Joined: Fri Dec 01 2017, 10:18AM
Location: Gießen
Posts: 124

Hey, welcome to the forums feel free to join us whenever you want again
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[40-1] Jolek
Tue Feb 27 2018, 10:02PM

Registered Member #3054
Joined: Fri Sep 08 2017, 12:37AM
Location: East Berlin
Posts: 213

Hey Cib! Welcome to the forums and thanks for the nice words! Feel free to hop on discord or the rs servers at any time mate.
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[40-1] ghostshades
Wed Feb 28 2018, 12:50AM

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Joined: Sat Aug 08 2015, 03:50PM
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[40-1] Malvolio
Wed Feb 28 2018, 09:10AM
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Joined: Thu Jun 01 2017, 11:44AM
Posts: 98

Welcome Cib!
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Wed Feb 28 2018, 01:57PM
Registered Member #3045
Joined: Sun Sep 03 2017, 11:15PM
Posts: 130

Welcome Cib. Glad you have a high opinion of the clan. Hope to catch you next time
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