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Cool hair dude
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Deadly Mullet
Fri Feb 09 2018, 02:29PM
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Joined: Thu Jan 11 2018, 08:11PM
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Hi, my name is Radek, I'm from the Czech Republic, not sure if there is someone else from Czech Republic, but it would be cool. I'm 25 and I work as a police officer. I don't have any friends, because they don't respect and worship my perfect mullet hairstyle, so I'm playing games a lot. (joke)

Started playing at Call of Duty United Offensive, which I enjoyed a lot. Since then I mainly played RO1, RO2 and now Vietnam. I like when games have at least a little realism in them.

I'm used to your servers since RO 2, I thought about joining the clan back then, really enjoyed the community and that the servers were usually full of people, but I was hesistant and didn't have a lot of time. I have time now, so I decided to apply and try it.

If I'll get accepted, I'll invite you to a good, cold czech beer when you'll be at the country.

[ Edited Fri Feb 09 2018, 02:32PM ]
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[40-1] Jolek
Fri Feb 09 2018, 02:32PM

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Joined: Fri Sep 08 2017, 12:37AM
Location: East Berlin
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Welcome fellow police officer! Enjoy the stay
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[40-1]Amstel's krieg
Fri Feb 09 2018, 03:13PM
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Joined: Fri Jun 30 2017, 12:08PM
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Hey hello Mullet welcome to the forum
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Fri Feb 09 2018, 03:40PM

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Joined: Tue Jun 27 2017, 03:01PM
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[T40-1] Snail
Fri Feb 09 2018, 04:20PM
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Joined: Tue May 30 2017, 07:10PM
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Welcome to the forum! And good luck with your application
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[40-1] Malvolio
Fri Feb 09 2018, 04:40PM
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Joined: Thu Jun 01 2017, 11:44AM
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Welcome ;)
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[40-1] SturmTurm
Fri Feb 09 2018, 09:16PM
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Joined: Tue Sep 16 2014, 11:01AM
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Hi Mullet and welcome
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Fri Feb 09 2018, 10:32PM
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Joined: Wed Feb 07 2018, 07:22PM
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Hello! Mullet and let's say like in Czech Nazdravi ) with a beer.
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Fri Feb 09 2018, 10:52PM
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Joined: Fri Jan 26 2018, 07:00PM
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Welcome, nice to be see you here
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Sat Feb 10 2018, 12:09AM
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Joined: Thu Oct 29 2015, 08:31PM
Location: Kingdom of Heaven
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Welcome mate!
Good to have fellow bad boy :D

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Sat Feb 10 2018, 07:04PM
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Joined: Sun Sep 03 2017, 11:15PM
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Welcome! Hope to see you around.
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