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Hello there!
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[40-1] Ragnarök
Tue Dec 05 2017, 08:05PM
Registered Member #3167
Joined: Fri Dec 01 2017, 10:18AM
Location: Gießen
Posts: 124

Hey Guys, my Name is Nico/Ragnarök, I'm a 24 year old Student of Computer Science from Germany. I've spent the majority of my ingame time in Rising Storm 2 on your servers, so maybe someone might have seen me there.
I used to play a lot of Battlefield, but the lack of teamplay and the current part of the series made me to look for an alternative, glad I found Rising Storm and you guys! I'm looking forward to play with all of you and get to know you better!

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[40-1]Amstel's krieg
Tue Dec 05 2017, 08:21PM
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Joined: Fri Jun 30 2017, 12:08PM
Posts: 318

Hey Ragnarok i seen you a couple times mate welcome to the forum mate
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[40-1] Jolek
Tue Dec 05 2017, 09:26PM

Registered Member #3054
Joined: Fri Sep 08 2017, 12:37AM
Location: East Berlin
Posts: 213

Hi Ragnarök, welcome to the forums! Finally some more german players - not only dutch people

[ Edited Tue Dec 05 2017, 09:26PM ]
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Tue Dec 05 2017, 09:33PM
Registered Member #3045
Joined: Sun Sep 03 2017, 11:15PM
Posts: 130

Welcome to the forums Ragnarök We'll probably see each other in game quite a bit !
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[40-1] REDD Clan Captain
Tue Dec 05 2017, 11:54PM
Registered Member #911
Joined: Tue Jan 24 2012, 02:39PM
Posts: 1421

Hi welcome to the forums.
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Wed Dec 06 2017, 12:15AM
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Joined: Thu Oct 19 2017, 02:20PM
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[40-1] Ragnarök
Wed Dec 06 2017, 01:57AM
Registered Member #3167
Joined: Fri Dec 01 2017, 10:18AM
Location: Gießen
Posts: 124

Thanks all
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Wed Dec 06 2017, 05:23AM

Registered Member #3001
Joined: Tue Jun 27 2017, 03:01PM
Location: The Royal Kingdom of The Netherlands
Posts: 542

Welcome Ragna
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[40-1] SturmTurm
Wed Dec 06 2017, 08:20AM
Registered Member #1990
Joined: Tue Sep 16 2014, 11:01AM
Location: Viborg, Denmark
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Hi Ragnarok - welcome to the forums.
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Wed Dec 06 2017, 08:25AM
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Joined: Tue Nov 21 2017, 11:37AM
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Hey bro, welcome to the forum!
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[40-1] Nidel
Wed Dec 06 2017, 11:21AM
Registered Member #3004
Joined: Wed Jun 28 2017, 12:00PM
Posts: 86

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Wed Dec 06 2017, 11:41AM
Registered Member #2359
Joined: Thu Oct 29 2015, 08:31PM
Location: Kingdom of Heaven
Posts: 663
Greetings Nico! Welcome to the forums!
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[40-1] Zirix
Wed Dec 06 2017, 02:40PM
Registered Member #3016
Joined: Fri Jul 07 2017, 04:18PM
Location: Spijkcity
Posts: 254

hello nico, welcome to our little spot of the internet. Hope too see u soon with or without bulletholes !
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[40-1] Eve
Wed Dec 06 2017, 05:29PM

Registered Member #2903
Joined: Wed May 10 2017, 06:47PM
Posts: 293

Welcome officially Ragnarok! Hope you have fun with us! See you in the game!
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Wed Dec 06 2017, 05:46PM
Registered Member #2934
Joined: Tue May 23 2017, 10:02AM
Location: Suffolk
Posts: 133

Welcome to the forums!
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