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Hello there! This is McReptiles
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[T40-1]Colonel McReptiles
Wed Sep 20 2017, 07:16PM
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Joined: Fri Sep 15 2017, 07:40PM
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So I guess I have to go ahead and introduce the son of a b*tch many people know as me. My name is Aaron a.k.a. reREptiLE(Or just Reptile simply. Makes no bloody difference). I am 17 years old, and live in the ever-so-famous Dracula Country, Transylvania, Romania. I am a history buff of all extend, but I also love politics, economics, and general technology. Some may have heard my name from: WoT, PlanetSide 2, Warframe, RS, RO2, CS:GO or maybe Star Wars Battlefront. About me shortly:
-I tend to swear in extensive amounts (but I'm working heavily to limit it)
-I can get enraged quite quickly, but I cool down even quicker
-I'm a sarcastic bastard
-I do always enjoy teamwork and a nice community in general
-I am really sociable
-I'd like to think of meself a reliable yet miserable person

If I may help you with any piece of information, please let me know, I am at you disposal.
Ohh, and I cannot express my appreciation for the opportunity to join this Clan!!

[ Edited Wed Sep 20 2017, 07:42PM ]
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[40-1] Zirix
Thu Sep 21 2017, 05:21AM
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Joined: Fri Jul 07 2017, 04:18PM
Location: Spijkcity
Posts: 254

nice to get too know you welcome !
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Thu Sep 21 2017, 01:13PM

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Joined: Tue Jun 27 2017, 03:01PM
Location: The Royal Kingdom of The Netherlands
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Welcome, we've already met! ^^
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[40-1] Eve
Thu Sep 21 2017, 01:37PM

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Joined: Wed May 10 2017, 06:47PM
Posts: 294

Hello and welcome here!
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[40-1]Amstel's krieg
Thu Sep 21 2017, 02:14PM
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Joined: Fri Jun 30 2017, 12:08PM
Posts: 318

Hey Reptiles hope to see you on the Battlefield soon
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Thu Sep 21 2017, 04:01PM
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Joined: Thu Oct 29 2015, 08:31PM
Location: Kingdom of Heaven
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Welcome mate!
Looks like your anger management therapy will be the battlefield!
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Thu Sep 21 2017, 05:23PM
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Hello mate!
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Thu Sep 21 2017, 06:38PM
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Joined: Sun Sep 03 2017, 11:15PM
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[40-1] SturmTurm
Thu Sep 21 2017, 06:41PM
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Joined: Tue Sep 16 2014, 11:01AM
Location: Viborg, Denmark
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Hi Reptile and welcome here
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[40-1] TomLostInSpace
Thu Sep 21 2017, 10:33PM
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Joined: Tue Sep 19 2017, 04:45PM
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Hey man i'm half from Transylvania (my mother is from Romania) welcome!!
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Fri Sep 22 2017, 02:37PM
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Joined: Thu Jul 06 2017, 07:53PM
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[40-1] Jolek
Fri Sep 22 2017, 10:37PM

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Joined: Fri Sep 08 2017, 12:37AM
Location: East Berlin
Posts: 213

Hey Reptiles! See you on the battlefield
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[40-1] Handsome Jack
Sat Sep 23 2017, 03:55PM
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Joined: Mon Jun 26 2017, 06:05AM
Posts: 142

Welcome Reptile, i think we met already
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