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[poll] Too much Bridges.
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Professor T-Bag
Mon Jun 12 2017, 05:07PM
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Do you want Bridges of Druzhina on only 1 or 2 territories?


Every time I come online I can safely assume that Bridges of Druzhina is playing on your servers. I know its a popular map but its an option on too many territories which results in it being over played.
I want to know why this is the case, thanks.
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Mon Jun 12 2017, 05:49PM

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Hi T-Bag. Eagles have it exactly as you suggest already, just checked it. Twice in all sectors. We are moving to RS2 so not sure for how long we will keep this server though. Second one with more Bridges seems to attract more players.
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[40-1] Shadow
Mon Mar 05 2018, 10:33PM
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sorry to resurrect this old thread, but something needs to be done about bridges.
For the past week bridges has been chosen as every 2nd map and we are getting tired of it.
We also have trolls who are making everyone vote for that map and then leaving the server, Which has become the RO2 equivalent of Farting in a crowded room and then walking away.

can we please remove bridges for a week or 2 so we can enjoy the rest of the game?
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Tue Mar 06 2018, 07:09PM
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Leave brigets alone. ;-; They did nothing wrong!
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